We help investors build income portfolios that perform backed by our full service management.

Whether you want just one simple buy to let to add to your pension or if you have a desire to own a large portfolio we are here to help.

Since 1998 we have achieved fantastic Return on Investment.

We offer a full turn-key hands off investment platform where we can source, finance and manage the portfolio. Why us? Because we have been doing this with our own money and have skin in the game.

Managing one of the largest private portfolios in the UK has given us the experience to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

But why invest in the UK property market and why high yielding properties in the North Of England.

The UK currently has a need for a further 2,500,000 million homes. Since the financial crisis of 2008 many property developers either went bust or stopped developing. Given that we should have been building 250,000 houses every year for the last 10 years you can see why there is so much demand from tenants.

We currently run at near to 100% occupancy and are in need of more property to rent.

In 2008 we saw a lot or investors lose money in property as they had simply bought property for too much money and too smaller yield. Eventually the model of rising prices and re-mortgage ended and their business crumbled. We however continued to buy property throughout the crisis focussing on yields and serviceability of the loans. We do not try and make money by hoping someone will buy the property at a higher price.

The London market is overheating at the moment and I fear many who have not learnt from past lessons may soon get burnt.

Think of this though. If you have a property that gives you a 12% return you will  effectively double your money every 6 years without any need for capital gains. Our philosophy “a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush”.

We can set up correct tax structures to suit your need and advise on gearing levels appropriate to your risk profile.

It is now a fact in the UK that first time buyers of property are aged 44. Thats right 44 years old before they have accumulated enough money to buy their first home.

Since banks are asking for a 25% deposit from first time buyers more and more people need to rent.

So to recap, high demand of tenants, we buy at discount in many cases, we help with finance and we fully manage the process so you can benefit from our experience. And finally, if we thought that this was not a good investment we would not have invested £10,000,000 of our own money into it.




List your property and get viewed my millions of internet users looking for property to rent. Our pricing starts from a basic free listing up to a full agents package.

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Want to buy one property for investment or build a large portfolio with fantastic returns we can help. We have been investing in property since 1998 and have gained the knowledge to help every step of the way.

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Advice on all matters regarding property management whether its the law of tenancies and bonds or simply advise about referencing. Bookmark our site as we will be adding some new video tutorials soon

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